CGI Stills & Animations

The Magic of CGI

How do you excite your prospects with a new product that hasn’t rolled off the production line? What if you want to take customers on a journey inside your product, but a camera doesn’t fit? Or what if you’d like to put your product in a special environment, but time and logistics make that impossible?


The solution is CGI.


Our award-winning CGI team create photorealistic imagery and animation, allowing you to make the impossible, possible. Using the latest software, we’ve modelled products from the worlds of automotive, aviation, technology, high-end fashion and more. Whatever your industry, we can create CGI of your product that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. The results look as if a photographer had taken a picture of the real thing.


Our own dedicated render farm ensures your images and animations are produced at Burrows from start to finish. Quality is ensured and tight deadlines can be accommodated.


These high-quality assets can be used on multiple platforms including print, TV, web, mobile and virtual reality environments.