GSK & Sensodyne: A project to get our teeth into

Benjamin Lake

by Benjamin Lake

Fri, 04/17/2020 - 11:40

The science of tooth care: Illustrating the link between oral health and the foods we all love

Burrows recently collaborated with Mouthworks and Hogarth to create a new global campaign with GSK for Sensodyne, helping them to educate audiences about how food and drink can contribute to tooth decay, and how Sensodyne can help to protect the teeth.

Sensodyne specialises in oral health products, especially combatting tooth sensitivity, decay and enamel loss, while promoting strong and healthy teeth. To do this, they inform consumers how different food and drink can contribute to the loss of tooth enamel. The use of CGI and visual effects were decided to be the best means to communicate this information in a clear and succinct way.

Our brief was to bring Mouthworks’ storyboards to life and collaborate with them to create the aesthetic of the campaign videos. Our solution was to model, texture, light and animate the common food and drink that contribute to enamel loss, and creatively combine these with a tooth to create a clear link between oral health and the food we eat.

One of our main challenges was how to combine high-fidelity, photorealistic CGI of fruit with a tooth, without affecting the quality of the final output. Using our knowledge, experience and specialist know-how, we modelled and textured the assets to a high level of photo-realism, whilst maintaining the lighting and quality of the textures and materials. In doing so, we created some stunning imagery which we nicknamed ‘Fruity Toothy’.


header image.png


By animating the imagery and combining it with modelled packaging assets, we brought the product story to life. “Is what you’re eating, eating your enamel?” leads into a visual that tells consumers how acidic foods can cause the loss of tooth enamel. Using CGI animation, we transition between the food, teeth and the product to create a compelling story that engages quickly with the audience.

Group 1.png

The videos we produced were used in a global campaign for online channels and were very well received. We were happy to collaborate with Mouthworks and Hogarth on the project, leaving everybody with big smiles all round!