How can an office water cooler help save lives in Africa?

Burrows for AquAid

by Burrows for AquAid

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 10:04


For many years Burrows has been supporting AquaAid by purchasing water coolers, which in turn has contributed to helping save the lives of many children in Africa. For every water cooler and bottle of water we obtained from AquAid a donation was made to the Africa Trust. These funds are used to directly build fresh drinking water wells, called Elephant Pumps, in areas in Africa where they’re needed the most, like in schools and villages. Having an Elephant Pump is vital in helping to eliminate many diseases (e.g. dysentery) – the concept of the Elephant Pump arose from Ian Thorpe (now the CE of The Africa Trust), having witnessed people falling ill after drinking water from a contaminated water source. This prompted him to produce a viable and practical supply – he then went on to invent the Elephant Pump.


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Working closely with AquAid we have been fundamental in supporting the construction of a new Elephant Pump being built in Zimbabwe in Manicaland – a province in the north eastern highlands of the country. The primary purpose for the Elephant Pump is to provide regular, safe, clean drinking water to a community that before would not have access to any water, but would most likely have to walk for miles to retrieve it in buckets or containers. Depending upon the set-up in the community where the pump is, it’s possible that crops will be grown or fruit plantations established. In the case of a plantation (which would be grown using water from the pump), once the crop or fruit is ready, the produce is sold, the income is used to plant more crops/plantations and a portion of these funds utilised towards paying for the children’s school fees.

The pumps’ robust design means that 95% built so far continue to operate throughout the continent and each can easily provide safe drinking water for upwards of 300 people for decades to come. To date, the Africa Trust has built more than 5,000 Elephant Pumps throughout Africa, which provide more than 1 million people with safe drinking water. This type of sustainability and wealth creation is an integral part of how the Africa Trust operate. At Burrows we feel hugely grateful and extremely proud to support such an incredible cause and continue to offer our backing.


Burrows for AquAid