How do you apply Automotive Visualisation to House Building?

Chris Ciccone

by Chris Ciccone

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:08


Whether it’s online or at a Dealership, the car buying process is changing. We are now in an age where the combination of CGI, Real-Time visualisation technology, an explosion of data, and the latest consumer devices enable a new set of digital experiences; on-demand, interactive, personalised, immersive, augmented, and higher fidelity – all produced efficiently from an increasingly automated process. Technology is becoming more integrated into our lives and customer interaction more seamless. Brands that are quick to adopt and utilise technological advancements within the customer journey will continue to benefit, while those who fail to leverage new innovations will soon fall behind. The automotive industry has always been keen to embrace new technologies in product visualisation. In recent years, with the introduction of smart devices, things are moving faster than ever, with Burrows at the forefront of the innovation curve. With our latest innovations in Real-Time product visualisation, we are now exploring the overlap in technologies and how they can be applied to other sectors. The housing Industry is noticeably behind the automotive sector, yet they possess similar challenges and assets.

The opportunity for house builders lies in utilising their existing 2D assets to generate high fidelity, interactive experiences that can be personalised and automated in Real-Time at the click of a button. Through our partnership with Epic Games, we have used their UE4 engine to develop Real-Time solutions for faster asset creation and added user interactivity. With consumers being bombarded by information, saturated markets and biased platforms, consumers are seeking a more personal approach from brands. They don't want to be treated like a number, they want and need an interactive customisable experience. The step into Real-Time rendering is a no-brainer for companies with pre-existing 2D assets, as we can use them to create 3D immersive and augmented experiences to generate a more engaging and emotional connection with both the brand and the product. More than 2 billion people globally use smartphones in their daily lives. With this rapid increase in smartphone use, it's now the preferred platform to reach consumers, allowing brands to develop smartphone driven experiences that bring Real-Time 3D to life and create fully-interactive models.


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So how does this apply to the home building consumer experience?

Cars and homes are two of the largest and most important purchase decisions the average consumer will ever make. And for each product, the ability to bring it to life digitally is equally relevant. Indeed, from a consumer perspective, the technology is the same, whether it’s experienced in a Marketing Suite or a Dealership. In our unique position, working and driving product visualisation experiences within both industries, we can see that in some respects, the automotive field is further ahead. So, we have examined the customer journey in depth within the housing industry to identify how best to apply these technologies to the sales process and bring about increased engagement. Before you break ground at a new development, with maybe only a ‘coming soon’ sign or a hoarding up, we can use QR codes to launch AR applications so that interested customers can visualise what the development will look like when it’s complete.

During the build, customers visiting the Marketing Suite can view and explore the development through stunning 4K touchscreens, site overviews, 3D floor plans and much more, to configure, save and share their new homes. Show Homes are generally the first properties you build and the last to sell, tying up your equity for the entirety of the development process, with limited configurability and options. Through Real-Time rendering we have been able to utilise garage space to host Virtual Show Homes through Premium VR as a more cost-effective solution than physically building all available homes. This provides the ability to view all house types which are on the build schedule and configure any options through the Marketing Suite 4K touchscreens. Customers can then output to VR and AR and enjoy virtual tours, fly-throughs, Real-Time configurability and multiple unit types. But, most importantly, customers can experience the ‘wow’ moments months, or sometimes even years, before the property is built.

Our Real-Time model allows for multiple outputs from centralised product data management. This offers a plethora of experiences that can be brought back together within our mobile hub. Customers can access their personalised experiences at a single point within the app to create bespoke brochures, explore their new home in AR, view interactive 360° 3D site plans and generate personalised film to share with friends and family. Within the hub, we can implement scalable and up-sell opportunities, and offers throughout the entire customer journey, to keep your buyers informed and engaged. Here at Burrows we specialise in bringing products to life. Combining our heritage within the automotive industry with our innovations in technology and application has enabled us to bring properties to life in a uniquely effective way. We don’t let technology dictate our ideas; we use technology to deliver the idea.

So, don’t be afraid of technology – your new millennial customers aren’t, they are the early adopters. Innovate, stay ahead of the curve and create personalised experiences that will further drive your customer engagement.


Chris Ciccone

Business Development Manager