United by Courage

Roy Hearne

by Roy Hearne

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 15:31


One of the most iconic symbolisms of courage was the recent installation ‘Fearless Girl’ in Wall Street, NYC. The life-sized bronze sculpture striking a pose of sheer bravery and confidence towards a charging bull, captured the imagination of all peoples – male, female, young and old. Kristen Visbal’s statue was a shout-out statement for gender diversity in the workplace, the plaque that sits below the statue states: "Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference”.

Fast forward to Jade Delaney, a young aspiring copywriter searching for her dream job at advertising agency McCann. After handing in her CV and portfolio, she turned up outside McCann’s offices, sprayed in bronze paint and struck the same pose. This time the plaque read: “Know the power of women in advertising”. She was offered a month-long trial on the spot.

Finding courage to go beyond the boundaries of convention is hard. But when do you break the cycle of ‘Business as Usual’?

We recently carried out an internal review of our automotive imagery. We were brutally hard on ourselves. We asked the question, “What stops us from always making great images?”. It resulted in us completely reviewing our processes, but more importantly, it gave us a compelling reason to challenge our clients to work differently. They listened and put their trust in us to deliver on our promise.


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We are a talent business, we hire very clever people, but unless they are allowed to be brave, their talents will not be fully realised.

On the 14th of November, we will be celebrating Wunderman Day. A day in which the Wunderman network across the globe takes time to connect and share each other’s rich cultural diversity. This year’s theme is ‘United by Courage’. It empowers everybody to make a difference, with powerful headlines such as: “When you’re the only woman in the room – Show courage”. “When you need to rip it up and start again – Take courage”. “When the world looks at their feet for answers – Find courage”. “When tradition wants the old-fashioned way – Have courage”. “When you need to ask for help – Seek courage”.

If we want to make a difference, we need to be different, behave differently, and do things differently to the way we’ve done them before.

How will you strike a pose in front of a charging bull?

Roy Hearne

Senior Creative Director