CGI Stills & Animations

The Magic of CGI.

How do you excite an audience with a new product that hasn’t rolled off the production line yet? What if you want to take customers on a journey inside your product, but a camera doesn’t fit? Or what if you’d like to put your product in a special environment, but time and logistics make that impossible?


The solution is CGI.


Our award-winning CGI team create photorealistic imagery and animation, allowing you to make the impossible, possible.


Using the latest software, we’ve modelled products from the worlds of automotive, aviation, technology, high-end fashion and more. Whatever your industry, we can create CGIs of your product that are indistinguishable from the real thing.


True-to-life environments created in CGI, or photographed on location, can be combined as a composite image in post-production. With a roster of handpicked professional photographers we can scout locations, cast models, secure usage rights and manage logistics for shoots.


Our dedicated on-site render farm can produce your images and animations here at Burrows from start to finish.


Once rendered, our retouching team work hard to optimise images at high resolution, seamlessly merging the realms of CGI and reality.


We treat image creation as an art form, so our expert Art Directors ensure the highest quality is reached and tight deadlines can be accommodated.