Multi-Channel Campaigns

Be everywhere, all the time.

Consumers don’t buy things the way they used to. These days, they might look at a product on their phone, be reminded about it in a magazine ad, check it out in more detail on a website, before buying it in-store. 


Add to that all the other possible touch points – social platforms, search engine results, TV and radio ads, direct mail and billboards – and you can see why it makes sense to have a holistic presence.

Successful campaigns are memorable because their messages are engaging and consistent across all platforms. The right creative can hold your audience’s attention at every stage of their customer journey and it all starts with finding the right idea. 


At Burrows, our ideas turn into impactful campaigns for a multi-media world. Our team are experts at taking complex product information and making it creatively engaging and easy for your customer to understand.  


To make it cost-effective, we can also create a bank of assets that can be reformatted to fit your different media.

Detailed analytics can track the touch points of your campaign and reveal where your message is having the most success. Results are always illuminating, and sometimes surprising. Subsequent fine-tuning and optimising will result in an efficient way to reach your widest audience.