Ford Digital Brochures

Today’s brochure requirements are changing, and we want to ensure that a traditional printed brochure can continue to find relevance in the face of an ever changing digital landscape.  

The brochure remains an integral part of the car buying ritual – from building desire to informing purchase decisions. But while there is clearly still a place for print, at Burrows we are exploring ways to maximise a brochure’s digital reach.

Printed brochures can support digital activation via QR codes, giving readers access to additional online content. While digital e-versions can be made available via a device or smartphone, and allow our clients to reach customers at multiple points of the car buying journey.  

As an extremely cost effective by-product of the printed brochure, we can provide added value and replicate the same content as both a downloadable PDF or a fully interactive digital piece.

These will cement the brand offering across all channels, and can provide consumers with a much deeper dive into the product and its features – via links to additional 360° rotating film and animated content, for example, or the ability to explore detailed product views. While clickable links and dealership QR codes can drive traffic through to key business areas, offering the potential to create further sales throughout the consumer journey. All of which brings the product to life in a way that a strictly print only form could not.


e-brochure downloads.


Minutes average screen time of additional film content per interactive brochure.


Minutes average read time.