Ford ‘Dragon’ Engine Animation

Ford needed an engaging CGI animation that would introduce their new 1.5 Litre EcoBoost ‘Dragon’ engine to audiences at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Once briefed by Ford engineers on the principles of Variable Displacement and other refinements to the impressive EcoBoost engine, our animation teams were ready to start working their magic.

Every detail was articulated and refined, to show the level of engineering that Ford has introduced with this product – including the hydraulically activated variable valve system. Our VFX team developed the combustion and gaseous effects. While Lighting and Rendering artists painstakingly created photorealistic textures for each of the different metal, rubber and plastic component materials. Our Ford clients were extremely happy with the final animation. Not only used to great effect by their show stand at Geneva, it will also be used both online and in local Dealerships.


Highly talented CGI artists


Rendering hours

6 weeks

Weeks to deliver this highly complex project