Tchibo Lifestyle Animation

The Tchibo chain of coffee retailers and cafés had an idea; they wanted to visualise their products in a home, bringing each one to life using the benefits of CGI but with the warmth of lifestyle photography.

We were approached by the kitchenware brand to produce a sample brand animation that was to be set in a kitchen which could be owned by Tchibo’s target demographic, bringing their products to life in situ.

The key challenge for the project was putting the emotional warmth into the scene from purely CGI digital assets. To achieve this we started by building a well lit, modern kitchen scene, added the products and then coregraphed the camera through. Pure CGI tends to look a little too real without the many inconsistancies which exist in the real world, so to add life, our CGI artists then went through and created many small visual differences that help make CGI truely photo-real.

30 Seconds

30 Seconds of high quality warm and inviting lifestyle product animation.

4 Stills

Four supporting lifestyle images pulled from same scene.

2 Weeks

A complete project turnaround time of only two weeks.